Tube signal failure data


Does tube signal failure data exist?
Optimistically looking for such data, to investigate signal failure forecasting.
The basics would be time & date, and signal location.
The ideal would be failure type/category, failure duration, whether the signal is in the open/distance from the open, maintenance/replacement dates, signal type (anything else?).


I would guess you would need to fire off a FoI request for it.


If you did get data from a FoI request you’d need detailed knowledge of several different signalling systems to make sense of it. The newer lines don’t have lineside signals as such, so a signal failure could be down to a communication or computer failure almost anywhere, including on a train.


Thanks for both suggestions. Not too worried about the cause of a failure, more interested in whether it’s possible to predict the probability of signal failing in any manner, a day or more ahead. Will attempt to formulate a FoI.