ULEZ and Congestion Charge Zone

Hi there,

We are developing a new site and we would like some help to find an api which provides a response to see if a certain location falls within the ULEZ and/or the Congestion Zone. An example if seen in the link below and screenshot from Tfl site.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think we provide a public API to check whether a given location falls within those zones.

We do, however, provide JSON and Shape files for the zones as open data:

Please be aware that the ULEZ will be expanding across all London boroughs from 29 August 2023:

Hi Leon,

Any idea when the new ULEZ expansion data will be available as json and shape files? Appears that the official files are pre-August 29th expansion?

Hello, thank you for your query.

A shapefile of the expanded ULEZ boundary is available from the London Datastore:


Just to note - the ULEZ boundary Shape files have now been updated on our Roads Open Data page