Unified API Elizabeth line live arrivals duplications

Note for anyone using the Elizabeth line live arrivals from Unified API

Liverpool Street has one CRS code (“LST”), but 2 ATCO codes:

National Rail/Overground platforms: 910GLIVST
Elizabeth line platforms: 910GLIVSTLL

When you call Unified API for live arrivals for either of the ATCO codes we will return live arrivals for the CRS code LST, which will give a full set of arrivals including National Rail/Overground and also Elizabeth line.

If you call Unified API for both ATCO codes you will get a duplicate set of results. So you only need to call for one of the ATCO codes.

It’s similar with Paddington. This also has 2 ATCO codes:

National Rail: 910GPADTON
Elizabeth line: 910GPADTLL

Again, if you call live arrivals for either ATCO code you will get a full set of live arrivals for the CRS code “PAD”.

Hope this helps, let me know if any questions. Thanks.

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Thanks for the post. I’ve got exactly this problem, I’m combining two ATCO codes for Liverpool Street, Paddington and Whitechapel but get duplicated arrival predictions for the 3 stations. I was about to post about it. I guess I just need to ignore one of the ATCOs per station.


I’ve done this to get them to work for me…

const ELIZABETHSTATINS = ["WHX", "LSX", "FDX", "WWC", "ABX", "PDX",];
const MERGESTATION = ["ABW" => "ABX", "ZLW" => "WHX", "LST" => "LSX", "ZFD" => "FDX", "PAD" => "PDX"];

to get the mapping to work, but since I did this Darwin has removed the “new codes” from the data from the Pushport.

I guess this means that the “…X” codes are no longer required.