Unrecognised Mode elizabeth-line

The latest update (dated 28/2/2022) includes a new mode ‘elizabeth-line’ in /Line/Meta/Modes which is rejected by /Line/Mode/elizabeth-line/Route , error code 400, message ‘The following mode is not recognised: elizabeth-line’

Is it possible that this has been added before all the infrastructure to support it is in place? ( a bit like the real thing really)

Hi @nickp, we are releasing the changes to the Unified API in stages, ahead of the launch date. Before the Elizabeth line opens, it will become possible to plan journeys in the future using ‘elizabeth-line’ as a possible mode. This will happen closer to the date, but for now we have made public the mode ID so you can start preparing for it. Hope that answers your question! Liron

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Not really. I understand what you’re saying but if you release it as a valid, scheduled mode then the rest of the API should accept that as a parameter, even if the subsequent answer is ‘Nothing to see here’. There is a thread several years ago regarding a change in how to find the list of all routes - can’t find the link - which stated that the preferred method is to use /Line/Meta/Modes to get the list of modes, and then to feed all scheduled modes into /Line/Mode/{modes}/Route.

While I write my code pretty defensively, given the vagaries of your interface, when I get a code 400 after sending down a, from you, list of valid modes, it’s impossible to know what to do next

Given how all the other APIs work, the /Line/Mode/elizabeth/Route will be the correct form.

So https://api.tfl.gov.uk/line/mode/tube/status gives a list of lines where the lineID is what goess in “line/mode”

It’s going to be soon!

really really soon!

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But https://api.tfl.gov.uk/line/mode/elizabeth-line still doesn’t return anything

well - more precisely - nothing very useful

Of course 90% of what it will return is a renamed “TfL Rail” service!

My observations so far:

  • It’s interesting that OSI (out-of-station interchange) between Woolwich and Woolwich Arenal is being flagged up a simple interchange: there’s a red National Rail icon on the maps of the Liz line and the Liz line is shown with “this way” arrows inside Woolwich Arenal. Normally a red National Rail icon on a TfL line diagram means “this station has a National Rail service within the gateline” but it seems that this now includes this OSI.
  • the very idea you can get from Stratford to Heathrow on the Liz line is a poor one for now (there are signs up in Stratford) as the walk from Liverpool Street High Level Liz Line to Liverpool Street Low Level is considerable (see “London Transport Museum Hidden London tours”) when combined with a similar slog at Paddington from the High Level to the Low Level. Add this to the unmatched (for now) train intervals on the three sections…!
  • not having Sunday service for just Abbey Wood to Paddington is going to confuse Londoners!


Good to see you avoiding unacceptable language when describing one of the Woolwich stations…

Following the switch-over this morning, we now have the reverse of the original problem: tflrail is still in /Line/Meta/Modes, but is being rejected by /Line/Mode/Route

And NRE Darwin is still outputting the name TFL Rail on the Pushport…

     if ($item["operator"] == "TFL Rail") {
        $item["operator"] = TflHelper::LIZLINEWORDS;

But they do seem to have sorted the web interface so Live Departure Boards - National Rail Enquiries works even if they don’t seem to have got the “it’s no longer called Crossrail” message…


Google rather seems to thing the Liz Line goes all the way to Bristol.