Upcoming update to cycle parking data from the Places API


I am Talha, one of the developers working at TFL Online.

This is a heads up of an upcoming change in the Places end points related to cycle parking.

Towards the end of this month, the data that powers the cycle parking information returned from the Place API will be refreshed and replaced with what has been gathered as part of the cycling infrastructure build (see this thread for further information).

The parking information returned currently is related to cycle parking around stations, whereas in future, it will be parking across London.

There will also be a change in the properties returned. Currently, when data is requested via the Places end points for type “CyclePark”, the properties consist of:


The following properties will no longer be returned: “PumpAndRepairFacilities” and “DistanceFromClosestStationExit”. “CorrectAsOf” will also not be returned as a top level property.

Please watch this space for the announcement of the launch of the London cycling infrastructure dataset.

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