Upton Park is missing from district and hammersmith-city feeds

There’s no mention of Upton Park as a station in either of these two feeds

It does appear in the “between X and Y” sometimes.


@jamesevans - please could someone fix this?

i think this problem also occurs at Mile end for the District and Hammersmith city lines.


You’re not wrong. I can only find Mile End in the live Central Line data.


Hopefully @jamesevans will be back today.

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Hi @briantist,

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there are a number of stations that are not available as the signalling in those sections is so old it can’t delivery predictions.

The list is here:

These will be rectified when the 4LM signalling upgrade reaches these stations.

It may be possible to interpolate the arrival using a combination of the stations either side of those affected stops and the timetable.



Now I feel foolish, I had forgotten those stations, I had mis-remembered them as just the Wimbleware stations.