Variable message signs problem


Is there a problem with the feed?

I have been getting this response for a couple of days:

{"$type":“Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.PlacesResponse, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities”,“centrePoint”:[51.507,-0.127],“places”:[]}

I can confirm that I saw at least one sign working today when I was out and about.

Many thanks for any help you can provide


@jamesevans Can I assume this service is no longer available?


Would also like to know if this feed is still active?

Its still listed under the Place Type request

Hi @Michael1 @eastwardo

Unfortunately, the VMS management system was migrated and we didn’t get an updated open data source for it.

My team is working with the product team and the new systems owner to determine if we can get a feed from the new system and whether we can get this back into the API.

We’ll update on the forum once we have some more information.



Thanks for the update.