View Live Map on mobile

I’m posting this from the JLE on the leaky feeder

When I went to “view live map” on when looking at the line status it comes out like this…

Which I can’t understand…

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hi @briantist

It’s quite bad that I had to google ‘leaky feeder’

Not sure why the mobile map is trying to turn itself into a Web 2.0 tag cloud, but I’ve raised a bug for the development team to look into.



@jamesevans Thanks.

It’s interesting that if you use Chrome desktop and make the screen the same size it’s Tube, Overground, TfL Rail, DLR & Tram status updates - Transport for London then
actually readable

(I hope you found Inside the messy mission to bring 4G to the London Underground | WIRED UK first!)

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We also found that if you tilt your phone into landscape and back it works…


I’m a bit of a rotation-lock person when it comes to phones, I find, so I wouldn’t have spotted that.


I can relate. It also looks like that to me.

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