W3 route error on Google Maps

There appears to be an error on Google Maps regarding the W3 outbound (to Turnpike Lane) omitting stop 75387 (Tottenham Cemetery). It does not display any W3 buses at this stop, and instead reports the W3 as travelling nonstop from Haringey Sixth Form College to Great Cambridge Road. The stop is not currently closed and the W3 is stopping there as per usual. See here: https://goo.gl/maps/fitYUSR4WAVRBqGE9

It was working about a month ago but seems to have broken since.

I’m not familiar with the nuts and bolts of the API, so unsure whether this is an API issue – it appears correctly on the TfL website. https://tfl.gov.uk/bus/route/w3/?direction=outbound

Thanks for alerting us to this. We’ve made the fix which should show up early next week.

Hi @edofmund @smsm1

We were looking at this stop yesterday too and noticed that the coordinates were incorrect (i.e. inside the cemetery)

We’ve amended this now and this should go out in next week’s databuild.


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Would that have involved dead running, James?

I’ll get my coat…

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That one was going around the office yesterday too…

it was a grave error really

Any body could have made it.