Walking time between lines

Is there an API to get the walking time between lines at a station?

Searching online I found this request:

which has a spreadsheet:

So that’s a start, but is there a JSON or XML version?


https://pdftables.com/blog/convert-pdf-to-csv works for me.

It’s already a Excel file. https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/cy/request/97138/response/246684/attach/5/LU%20LO%20DLR%20interchange%20values.xls?cookie_passthrough%3D1

Just click “download original”.

I’m not sure who has come up with this stuff, it’s not very accurate.

It’s literally 10 seconds to get the DLR from the ticket validator to the platform at Stratford International, and you can get from the London Overground to Greater Anglia in a minute.

It’s already a Excel file

Yep, but the text in each cell is just English prose. I can see it’s extractable but it’s not as good as a structured format.

What structured format do you want?

Columns of station name, and then …?

Off my head, something like (numbers made up):

{ "Oxford Circus": {
  "bakerloo": {
    "central": 3,
    "victoria": 4
  "central": {
   "bakerloo": 5,
   "victoria": 6
  "victoria" {
   "bakerloo": 7,
   "central": 8

Then it’s queryable with walkingData[stationName][fromLine][toLine] , example walkingData[“Oxford Circus”].bakerloo.victoria returns 4.