What data is available?

I’m interested in using the API for journey outside of London, is data available for this?

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I can recommend two APIs for doing out-of-London which are:

They are both very good at what they do, and quite cheap to use.

The question of “Out Of London” is slightly complicated because TfL runs services that are outside the GLA area, which is generally Zones 1 to 6 on the tube map.

The API does seem be happy about information about TfL stations still in marked zones (such as Zone 7 for Theobalds Grove, Zone 8 Chalfont and Latimer and Zone 9 Brentwood) and some other national rail locations, but the information is limited.

The Greater London Urban area (red) vs Greater London Council area (white)

London Postcodes vs GLA area

hi @ececec

We only have GIS data for Greater London, so if you’re planning to/from a coordinate outside of London, that won’t work.

We do have the ability to plan journeys to all rail stations in Great Britain though within the Journey endpoint. e.g. to Cardiff Central using NaPTAN code: https://api.tfl.gov.uk/Journey/JourneyResults/SE10%200ES/to/910GCRDFCEN?nationalSearch=true

In terms of bus stops & services out of London, we incorporate all stops in Herts, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Berks & Bucks so you can plan journeys to those stops using NaPTAN codes also

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