Where are the iBus weekly reports with actual arrival times?



Hoping someone can help me find the iBus weekly reports that have actual arrival times for each route. They are mentioned specifically on the Our Open Data page under the iBus section (see below).

There are no such weekly reports that I can find in the link so hoping someone else know where they are.

If not, can this historic arrival time by stop data be found elsewhere? I’m particularly interested in this data and have been looking for it for a number of years now.



Ok so I did a bit of detective work and it looks like this data used to exist at least a few years back. However the links used back then no longer work (for example).

Any ideas where this data lives today?


Not sure if that data is there but have you looked in http://bus.data.tfl.gov.uk


That’s an amazing resource, thanks!!

Unfortunately it doesn’t contain the data I need (the performance PDFs aren’t detailed) but it’s useful nonetheless.

Hoping someone knows more about where to find the detailed iBus historic timing data.