Where can i find LU train boarding data?

Hi, i am new to this forum and i am looking for boarding data on the LU trains. More specifically if there is a data base of daily boarding/alighters LU trains.
Is there anywhere i can access this?
So far i can only get annualised data from 2017 (RODS > MISC > borders and alighters 2017.)

I don’t believe LU has a method for monitoring live boarding of trains. Annualised data is likely to have been gathered through sampled sessions of manual observation.

They have the gateline data (though that may not be live) so they know how many people are entering and leaving the stations and some lines have rolling stock that report train loading, so they can make an estimate of how full they are.

I don’t know if any of that information makes it into the API, but it would be difficult to extrapolate train boarding from it due to stations serving several lines and passengers transferring between trains without crossing a gateline.

Happy to be proved wrong and learn something.

This information was helpful thanks!!

I would be pretty sure that data isn’t available as TfL did a pilot using mobile phone WiFi identifiers, specifically stating the reason that while they knew where people entered and left stations, they didn’t know the route they took between those points.

LOROL who used to run the London Overground had the ability to send the weight of the passengers of each coach to a central location every time the doors closed, but this data wasn’t made public alible.

LOROL won a £10k project to use this data but it was blocked by “the higher ups”. The results were demoed on screens at Shoreditch Highstreet for a while.

This pilot has long ago (8 July 2019) become a permanent thing.

TfL is able to figure out crowding and frequent passenger routes using this data, but the latter is not available through the API. The former is available through the API in the form of the near real-time crowding API, which uses the collected wifi data to estimate how busy the station is every few minutes. This however only covers overall station crowding - it is not possible to estimate how crowded a train or a particular part of a station is.

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