Why "000" set numbers


Why are so many of the set numbers showing as “000”? What is the meaning of the 000? What causes train set numbers to show as 000 rather than their actual set numbers?


Today is only showing around 8 actual set numbers rest are 000


Hi Ryan,

Apologies we missed this post previously.

I’m having trouble recreating this issue. Have you seen it since your initial post?

TfL Online Operations


Have a look on the Piccadilly line. It happens most days - although I wonder if it happens mostly outside of office hours?


@jamesevans we’ll have to check with the data owner I think


Any follow up on this?


Hi Ryan,

I’m still attempting to recreate it. I’ll raise a ticket with the trackernet team to investigate. If you do come across an example again before I manage to, a copy of the response would be helpful.



Sorry to come on to this feed but despite posting originally about 503 errors on 27th May there’s still been no response from anyone from TfL. The 503 errors are becoming very common and I’m dealing with many support queries from my users that I can’t answer. Can someone, anyone, you just sort out this out?


@ryan.forsyth - I’ve replied to your post from the end of May. If you don’t get a response on a post regarding a bug or an incident in good time, please tag me in and I will pick it up.


I’ve managed to recreate the 000 issue which is currently happening on district line - http://cloud.tfl.gov.uk/trackernet/predictionsummary/d

I’ll give the example XML over to the trackernet team to look at.