Willesden Green inaccurate Metropolitan line

From what I know Willesden Green is not a stop for the Metropolitan line and isn’t shown on the map as being on the line. Instead it should only be on the Jubilee line.

However in https://api.tfl.gov.uk/line/metropolitan/route/sequence/outbound it is listed as a station and part of the line route.

It is also in https://api.tfl.gov.uk/line/metropolitan/stoppoints


There is historical infrastructure at Willesden Green for Met trains to stop there, but as far as I can see this last happened in 2005 for a few days at Christmas. https://www.davros.org/rail/culg/metropolitan.html

It’s happened more recently than that. When the Jubilee line had the power issues a few months ago, some Met line trains stopped at Willesden Green.