Woolwich ferry strike next week

Sorry for short notice, please be aware there is a Woolwich Ferry strike planned Mon - Fri next week (24-28 October).

All I’ve heard so far on service levels is that there will be a “limited service”. Will share if I get more info.

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Just as a matter of passing interest (I used go there when BT had an satellite earth station just there) I thought TfL were legally required to provide the Woolwich Ferry?

That’s an interesting point, Brian. I wonder what the “minimum level of service” for the ferry would be under the legislation proposed by what passes for government and exactly who would be in breach if it were not to be provided.

IMNAL, of course, but https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2000/1044/made/data.pdf

The Woolwich Ferry was established under the Metropolitan Board of Works (Various Powers) Act
1885, and has since been carried on under those provisions as amended from time to time. Since
1986 it has been carried on by the Secretary of State. Section 257 of the Greater London Authority
Act 1999, which comes into force on 3rd July 2000, transfers the Secretary of State’s duty to work
the Ferry to Transport for London.

Article 2 provides for the Secretary of State’s functions in relation to the ferry to vest in Transport for
London, and article 3 confers power to make, vary and revoke byelaws, and saves existing byelaws,
which since 1986 have had effect as orders of the Secretary of State. Article 4 transfers to Transport
for London all property, rights and liabilities associated with the Ferry, and article 5 revokes the
Woolwich Ferry Order 1986.

I think this is saying that there is an existing Order to operate the Ferry in 1885 Act and it now resides with TfL to provide it.

Quite who would be able to do what if the ferry isn’t being provided … I suspect that if someone had the cash you could get an urgent Judicial Review.

I have a feeling that the Woolwich Ferry has been suspended on many occasions, for reasons ranging from fog through mechanical problems through upgrade work.

The question about exactly who would be breaking the law if the minimum level of service is not provided is of course much wider and would be even more complicated for buses than for the tube, as the operator is an additional player for the former.

Better leave it there as we are as far away from where we should be as some of the bus stops apparently are!

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