Wrong expected time in /arrivals api


We are currently using arrivals API for all modes available on TFL (https://api-portal.tfl.gov.uk/api-details#api=Mode&operation=Mode_Arrivals)

I am experiencing the issue with the expected arrival time for the method e.g. https://api.tfl.gov.uk/Mode/tram/Arrivals?count=1
It returns the expected arrivals either for 26.04.21 or even 25.04.21 not for 27.04.21 (which is today)

When I remove the request parameter ?count=1 the API returns the correct date for the arrivals.

Is it a known issue? Which link is the right one to use? With parameter or without?

Welcome @john_wr

Could be a caching issue… they have happen before.

Do you get the same thing if you use your personal ID?

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@briantist thanks for suggestion. Looks like it works now.
Previously we haven’t seen any differences between requesting api with or without app key.