"1101 min" arrival time


I spotted an unusual wait time of “1101 min” at Brondesbury Overground station this evening:

Purely to satisfy my curiosity, I don’t suppose anyone has any insight as to how this came about, or how such a thing could come about. I realise this doesn’t directly related to the open data, unless these displays are driven from the public API?

My best guess is some sort of numerical overflow occurred somewhere in the calculation due to a time going negative. 2^16 seconds equals 1092 min, which isn’t far off but doesn’t totally explain it.

The train on “Page 2 of 2” had a wait time of 1 minute, so this service was being sorted before that train for some reason. I boarded a train that arrived shortly after I took this photo - not sure which of these 2 services I was on!


Very strange indeed. It would have been interesting to see the prediction returned from the API at the time. I believe the dot-matrix boards do use the same underlying data that we use for London Overground which is Darwin (supported by Rail Delivery Group).

James Evans
TfL Online Operations