406 and 418 bus routes in Epsom

There seems to be something odd about Clock Tower Stop A towards Kingston. Using my app with the API I can still find times for the 406 but not the 418. Using the website it seems Stop A no longer exists and it is omitted from both routes. A search for Epsom Clock Tower returns only Stop C (for 467 etc).

Looking onsite today Stop A is still there with both 406 and 418 still shown. Moreover I watched a 406 arrive and pick up passengers. What is going on?

The last update seems to have changed the routes for these two. The 406 is shown as going directly to/from Epsom Hospital without passing the Clock Tower and the 418 is shown as terminating/starting short in Chase Road/Waterloo Road. I think all of this relates to the roadworks in the area, but suspect that the database is somewhat out of step with reality.

Would someone from TfL care to explain why a month on nothing has changed with the Epsom town centre stops for these routes?

The live arrival database would still have us believe that there are no stops for either route in either direction in the town centre. The route maps still have the correct routes because of course there are no others connecting the stops which are still alive. Fortunately nobody seems to have told the drivers either because they are still stopping in the High Street and Ashley road rather than ignoring passengers.

I did wonder whether the missing stops had been removed from the TfL database because they are maintained by Surrey but that cannot be true as they all appear correctly for routes 293, 467 and 470.