419 bus route towards Richmond

There’s no live times for the 419 route towards Richmond. Some of the stops are in operation. Is there anyway to get this up and running again?


@neelamk I’ve just had a look at the arrivals for a few of the stops on the 419 route to Richmond. Seems like the arrivals are back. Can you confirm that everything is OK?

It seems to be working for some stops but not all.

Ah OK! Can you give some examples of the ones that aren’t working so we can investigate? Thanks for your help!

I had noticed issues with this route and wondered if it is due to the curtailment south of Hammersmith Bridge.

Unlike routes 33 & 209 where the API currently shows ‘Hammersmith Bridge’ as their destination, 419 shows ‘Northbound’ and the final stop on the curtailed route, Suffolk Road, uses the ‘Other Stop Type’ flag. It seems to take a few stops on the Richmond-bound journeys before timings for the rest of the line show correctly.