4LM go live dates

I am aware that some stations on the 4LM lines on trackernet such as shepherd’s bush market, notting hill gate, baywater and paddingtion lack signalling with dead enpoints, as discussed here:


I was wondering if go go live on these issues being fixed is the same as the project completion forecast of q4 2024/25 or if there is possibilty these might be fixed piror to the entire project completion date ?

My understanding is that the stations which you’ve listed are now fully commissioned as far as the 4LM project is concerned. Certainly the on-platform information has dramatically improved.

If the API data hasn’t improved then the data improvements haven’t worked their way through TrackerNet yet.

Hi, thanks for the questions.

Correct that all the stations mentioned above are now providing 4LM signal feed data.

The data is present in Trackernet PredictionsSummary, but there are some issues with the mapping for PredictionsDetailed which we’re currently looking at.

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Please follow this link

and see Dstock7080 comments at the end of the page for accurate updates on the progress of 4LM

19 March 2023 at 15:06 SMA 7 authorised for passenger use from 1400 today 19 March, has been running without passengers since 1400 yesterday.

It seems they have closed comments on the page which is disappointing.