600 series (school) routes

I posted this previously in an existing thread but the question went answered.

I noticed last week that about 40 of these had disappeared from my bus sequence database update. Their XML timetables were included in last week’s zip as usual. As it was half term and they are now back I assume they were absent from the API because there was no service last week. Is that a bug in the API system or intentional?

If the latter it seems a poor decision. Anyone searching on the website for one of them last week would assume the route does not exist. They don’t run at weekends, nor do many normal routes run on Sunday, but I don’t think that prevents a positive search result (obviously without any live arrivals).

hi @misar - apologies I missed your query last week.

From what I understand, the school-only routes’ schedules end on the (usually) Friday before school holidays and then a new schedule comes into validity on the (usually) Monday of return of schools.

Usually we have the data built into our database with a future validity date range, although there’s no real way to expose this via the API or the web. I’ll speak to my colleagues in the product team about this as personally I think it would be good to show route versions that are not yet valid to our customers, be it a route on hiatus like schools or a route with an upcoming service change.


Thanks @jamesevans. I have not checked other routes but noticed these due to the sudden large drop in the total number of routes last week.