A surfeit of 184s

I stumbled across an oddity on Journey Planner on the 184 this week (half term so the school holiday timetable, presumably) with a lot of near-duplicate journeys. Turning to the Datastore XML file I found departures from Turnpike Lane at 0525, 0545, 0600, 0615, 0630, 0640 (OK so far) then 0649, 0650, 0658, 0700, 0708, 0709 and so on. It goes back to the proper service interval after the morning peak but the issue emerges again during the afternoon peak.

I think this just affects the MFHo times. I could be wrong but it looks as if times from two separate schedules have somehow been overlaid on top of each other. Unlike in 1066 and All That (showing my age there) nobody ever died from a surfeit of 184s but it must be worth a look.

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Looks like it has been corrected (in a completely new file).

One further point. The 165 and 252 has different Sa and Sun times from 7th October, according to the bus WTTs but I don’t think anything fresh has appeared in Datastore.

Another oddity! Use JP to go from St Helier Station to Belmont Station last thing on Saturday night and you get S4 journeys at 2320 and 2350 which move at the speed of light because they also arrive at … 2320 and 2350.

Looking at the Datastore file, there are actually two journeys listed at each time, one with a normal journey pattern and one with every entry in the journey pattern set to zero (thus zero travel time). Naturally JP selects the quicker of the two!

I wasn’t actively looking for anything like this and I actually bumped into it on the Datastore file, confirming it on JP later.