AccessPoints summary 29012018.XLSX



I’d like to enquire about the data feed AccessPoints summary 29012018.XLSX.

Would it be updated anytime soon? It seems that the AP Names and the MAC Addresses have changed.
Also, is there a plan to publish updates of this feed on a regular basis?

Any news on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks Sach


Can I also ask: Is it possible to add the station Id to this feed?


I notice that the feed has been removed from the Open Data Feeds. When will it be updated & re-instated?


Hi @SachinK
We were asked to remove the link to the data due to internal concerns about security/privacy. We are working to resolve these and get an updated version of the data. We will post here if we are able to reinstate an up to date version of the dataset.
Thank you for your patience in the meantime.