Active Travel Hackathon 2018 - 10 & 11 April


UPDATE - Unfortunately, we will be postponing this event until late May/early June due to a series of conflicting events. We have had a great number of diverse registrants so far and look forward to seeing you all with many more registrants in a number of weeks.

We will be updating the registration website with a new date very soon.

For those already signed up, you will receive the new date via email and you will not need to re-register.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Hi all,

If you interested in participating in our upcoming active travel hackathon - please see our digital blog for more details.

Or click here to go straight to the registration page and sign up.

Look forward to having you at the event!




Some of the the promo materials for the rescheduled hackathon mention “new walking and cycling data” - can you let us know what data is to be released? Is the Cycle Infrastructure Database nearly ready at long last?! Sadly I can’t make the rescheduled date.