Actual (not predicted) arrivals and departures

Is it possible to know from the arrival predictions whether a vehicle ever actually arrived? On the Metropolitan line some trains change schedule during their run to become fast/semi-fast, which creates ambiguity in the predicted-arrival stream.

The best solution, if it were possible, would be streams of actual arrivals and departures, in addition to the predicted ones.

Hi, I would really appreciate a response to this. Thanks.

Hi, Please could TFL respond to this request? Actual arrival times must exist somewhere because you have performance reports about lateness and lost customer hours etc.

Please would TFL respond to this request.

Hi @nacnudus,
Firstly, I apologise for the delay in replying your message.
The system Trackernet which gives us the predictions information doesn’t currently provide this information to us to share as open data. We can suggest that you can request a FOI if you need the information.

TfL TSO Digital

Thank you Pamella, much appreciated.


Dear Duncan,
we have the same need as you had, did you carry out the FOI?, did you get a positive answer?, whom should I address to make the question?

Thank-you very much in advance.
I am looking forwar to hearing from you.
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Hi Isabel, I’m afraid I didn’t submit an FOI. But it’s interesting that we have the same need, so I have just submitted one, here Actual departure and arrival times of Metropolitan Line trains in December 2019 - a Freedom of Information request to Transport for London - WhatDoTheyKnow

Dear Duncan,
Thank-you for you answer, I have just followed your FOI and I have just made a similar request (since we are asking about buses) using your link:

I also asked for the FOI through the link:
Make a Freedom of Information request, and this one was addressed to the Transport Department.

I am looking forward to hearing from them.
If I receive some answer, I will let you know.
Best regards,

@migil @nacnudus


You might like to know that you can now get any details of services that pass through NRE Darwin, which would include all of London Overground as well some bits of the District line.

As it’s just a simple registration there is no practicable limit to the data you can get and it’s just asimple registration so doesn’t take months.