Amersham Station Data disambiguation?

So I’ve been building an app and wanted to test out some areas slightly outside London and decided upon Amersham.

When querying: https://api/tfl/

it brings back Amersham Station in the collection of StopPoints, naptanID: 910GAMERSHM.

It shows lines as a single array with chiltern-railways as the line id.

I thought that’s a bit odd, the metropolitan line serves Amersham, maybe I’m sending the wrong stopTypes.

I add NaptanMetroStation to the stopTypes query and it brings back some more data. Lines is still just chiltern-railways, but within children we now have a naptanId of 940GZZLUAMS relating to Amersham Underground Station. It has a mode of tube but hasn’t got any lines.

Adding in stopType of NaptanMetroPlatform doesn’t add the metropolitan line either.

I’m fairly new to this world of TFL data and I’m probably asking something quite silly, but to develop my app further I need to understand, so any help will be really appreicated.

Welcome @Jaz

This is a know-issue

There is a basic backgrounder done by davros here …

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Thanks @briantist.

I guess i’m going to have to explore how deep this goes with getting arrivals and journey planning.

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@Jaz and that’s before you find out that TfL doesn’t really do departures from terminals. The signs in the stations seem to work, but for reasons lost to time they can’t be seen online.

This means, for example, you have no notice of northbound Met trains at Liverpool Street (second stops are as bad) as trains only get predications once they have left their start point!

Basically, TfL systems are 99.5% useful and you’ve found the 0.5% that aren’t.

I presume you know of NRE Darwin and ?

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@briantist I had not seen them, though i think noted you mentioning Darwin without me knowing what it was.

Looks like some fun to explore over the xmas period.

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