Annual Bus Fleet Audit

Does anyone know when the data will be updated for March 2023?

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Average age by bus route would be more interesting. I suspect most of those on the 97 route are very much older than their registration plates imply. Either that, or they are all very badly maintained, with engines or possibly exhausts that sound as if they’ve been borrowed from motorcycles. Very, very noticeable and uncomfortable for anybody sitting on the upper deck.

Naughty! Reregistering a a vehicle or getting a special plate costs money so is very unlikely to happen in bulk. Some vehicle types just don’t last as well as others, irrespective of maintenance quality, and you don’t know which for ten years. I reckon it’s the strain put on the buses by having to travel near the speed of light at times on departure from Chingford…

There was a period around deregulation time when GB mainland vehicles were given Northern Ireland plates because the suffix (or whatever) was purely geographical, thus hid the vehicle’s age. I donpt know whether any London operators resorted to that.

Bus tender results - Transport for London seems to suggest that the buses provided by Stagecoach East London are “2009 Euro IV diesel double deck.”

To change the reg plates would be a bit SouthEastern!

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I’ve put in a query to the Bus Performance Team to ascertain when they plan to publish this report.


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Thank you @jamesevans, really appreciate it!

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Hi @jamesevans, the latest annual audit has been posted, maybe your query reminded/prompted them to do it! Thank you either way.

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