API/Dev Portal: Unable to create an account

Hi there,

I’m trying to sign up on the dev portal with my email, but for some reason, my verification email never gets emailed to me - I’ve made sure my details (email) are correct several times now.

Is there anyone that could help me out? Or point me in the direction of who to contact?


See https://techforum.tfl.gov.uk/t/no-verification-email-for-api-account-registe

I’ve checked my spam folder and I have nothing from the Dev/API portal - I even tried re-creating my account on the portal, as well as resetting my password in an attempt to have the verification email resent, but I have received nothing at all from the portal.

Maybe the verification email slipped through the cracks?

I suspect we will have to wait for @jamesevans to be back in on Monday.

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