API documentation inaccessible in parts


With the documentation here, the fixed width of the left-hand panel gives trouble when reading the contents even on a 1920px wide screen with an even wider browser window. For example the first three StopPoint entries show up here as:

Get the list of available StopPoint ad…
Get the list of available StopPoint ty…
Get the list of available StopPoint m…

With no apparent way to easily read what “ad…”, “ty…” and “m…” etc might be without clicking on each in turn. Could this be improved please?

Tested in Chromium v57, Firefox v52, iOS Safari v10, and Chrome v57

Suggestion 1: Allow for the manual changing of the width of those panels. By way of example, see https://jsfiddle.net/ where the dividers between the four grey panels (“html”, “javascript”, “css” and “result”) can be manually relocated by hovering the mouse on the divider, clicking and holding while dragging and dropping the divider elsewhere.

Suggestion 2: Use a tooltip to repeat the text when the mouse hovers over it like “hover over me” seen here. Although, html’s title attribute would be superior (example: <div ... title="Gets the list of available StopPoint additional information categories">)

Suggestion 3: Allow the text to wrap onto as many more lines as it needs.



That is an issue with the Swagger UI we have used, yes. This is a deployment of a mobile-friendly fork of the official Swagger UI.

We are intending to upgrade the UI to the latest version, probably to go back to the official one now that it’s been updated. TECH-277