api.tfl.gov.uk/TrackerNet/PredictionDetailed/ malformed output

Sorry, little buglet…

I’m using the following API call to add “departing” tube data for Stratford and Ealing Broadway to the MTR Crossrail staff app.


and the results come back in XML. However it’s sometimes badly formed and fails when I try to simplexml_load_string it Entity: line 1: parser error : attributes construct error’s…

<T LCID='2448031' SetNo='275' TripNo='0' SecondsTo='587' TimeTo='10:00' Location='Approaching Shepherd's Bush Market' Destination='Check Front of Train' DestCode='518' Order='0' DepartTime='17:57:56' DepartInterval='587' Departed='0' Direction='0' IsStalled='0' TrackCode='TBHTHSBMO' LN='H' />

Yes, the code has Approaching Shepherd’s Bush Market wrapped inside single quotes. So… the XML fails.