Are Anonymous Requests for browser extensions allowed?

Hey All, So i developed a browser extension that in part utilizes the TFL API i sent out an email to the developers email and received no reply , so i thought , id try here.

At least intuitively as the requests will be coming client side i.e. clients ip, , the 50 limit per minute per user is perfectly fine for each client, is the rate limit ip based?

I’d prefer not to set up a server as i am bootstrapping the project, as TfL allow anonymous requests i am just asking like shayne ward if that okay with you?

Either way i’d prefer to build something that Tfl were content with existingso please assist


No, you need t use one of your subscription keys

I think TfL would prefer you to use your own server so youy can keep your requests to below 500 per minute.

They do use Cloudfare so it can sometimes be hard to tell where you’re data request come from if you don’t use a key.