Arrival prediction without destination

I’m seeing some arrivals without a destination e.g.:

        "$type": "Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.Prediction, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities",
        "id": "1657664201",
        "operationType": 1,
        "vehicleId": "431",
        "naptanId": "940GZZLUHOH",
        "stationName": "Harrow-on-the-Hill Underground Station",
        "lineId": "metropolitan",
        "lineName": "Metropolitan",
        "platformName": "Southbound - Platform 5",
        "bearing": "",
        "timestamp": "2024-02-20T16:37:48.288Z",
        "currentLocation": "At Ruislip Manor Platform 2",
        "towards": "Check Front of Train",
        "expectedArrival": "2024-02-20T16:47:43.257Z",
        "timeToLive": "2024-02-20T16:47:43.257Z",
        "modeName": "tube"

What does this mean? Is it stock movement?


“Check destination on front of train”.


The Met up there was a total mess today. The trains south from Harrow-on-the-Hill were running semi-fast (not stopping at Northwick Park and Preston Road) southbound only AND to get from Chalfont and Latimer you had to go first to Amersham or Chesham because C&L was non-stopping northbound.

The CIS was staying there were trains stopping at Moor Park platforms 1 and 2 but they’re not used (behind a locked gate) outside peak.

Also half the Chiltern trains were cancelled too, but not without any online notices being posted.

and they’re markers seem to have vanished from Chorleywood and Rickmansworth.

Thanks for getting to the bottom of that.

Are all of the arrival predictions exposed by the arrivals api trains that passengers can travel on?

In this example, why is there no destination?

        "$type": "Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.Prediction, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities",
        "id": "154020402",
        "operationType": 1,
        "vehicleId": "070",
        "naptanId": "940GZZLUPAC",
        "stationName": "Paddington Underground Station",
        "lineId": "circle",
        "lineName": "Circle",
        "platformName": "Outer Rail - Platform 2",
        "bearing": "",
        "timestamp": "2024-02-21T10:08:20.322Z",
        "currentLocation": "Approaching Fulham Broadway",
        "towards": "Edgware Road",
        "expectedArrival": "2024-02-21T10:17:08.3Z",
        "timeToLive": "2024-02-21T10:17:08.3Z",
        "modeName": "tube"

I’m trying to capture the movement of all trains that passengers can board.

hi @paulc - When the destination is uncertain (e.g. “Check front of Train” or “City via Victoria”) we don’t include a destination NaPTAN ID as this is unknown.

I’ll have a look at the Circle line predictions to see what was going on there as we should be including the Edgware Road in example you gave.

Many thanks,