Arrivals for stations serving multiple modes

Hello everyone hope all is well

I’ve been trying to display arrivals more simply for my users, and i like the way Tfl go displays its arrivals , but i am lost on to how really although the arrival data does specify the direction in a more human form i.e. westbound southbound etc for t tube lines and i could filter the data based on this information , i don’t think this is a great solution.

Would it make sense for me to hard code this information for every line or is there an endpoint i can query that will give me this information. i.e. the directions tubes travel in at different stations and the stations served by the the next train going in either direction at the a station as destinations also vary.

Another thing i have is are folk using timetable data to get departures for terminal stations ? as this is something overlooked by the arrival prediction endpoint .

thank all.