Bakerloo Line Rail Replacement Bus - Wrong Operator shown in Journey Planner files

Hi @LeonByford

The TxC timetables for the Bakerloo line replacement bus services have a minor error in them that’s causing some websites to incorrectly attribute them as being operated by Reading Buses through no fault of their own…

-< Operators>
-< Operator id=“OId_RBUS”>
< OperatorCode>RBUS
< OperatorShortName>Replacement Buses
< OperatorNameOnLicence>Replacement Buses
< TradingName>Replacement Buses
< /Operator>
< /Operators>
(Edited to put this in a quote and added a space in each line to make the forum software display it somewhat as intended)

Unfortunately ‘RBUS’ is the real Traveline NOC code for Reading Buses, so I think TfL need to correct this. I checked a different tube line’s rail replacement timetable and the operator code there was shown as ‘RRS’.


P.S. If they really are being operated by Reading Buses, I humbly apologise!

Hi @SJCooper I’ve added the operator RRS to the Bakerloo line replacement bus schedules, this should hopefully fix this issue.