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Hi, I expect every first time user asks this. Can anyone point me at the current API documentation? I a interested in underground arrival, train location, line status.

I have found some and imported it into postman, but have seen posts that imply that is out of date as it has the ai_id key. I also found this (https://docs), but the various keys/return values are not explained in any detail. If that all there is, then fair enough, I’ll work through it. Some kind of overview would be handy


Hello and welcome to the forum!

The current Unified API portal is located at:

If you haven’t yet done so, please register for an account, then go to the Products page and subscribe to the “500 Requests per min” product. You will then be able to access your app_key from your Profile.

Here are some examples of API requests to get you started:

London Underground arrivals

Status of each London Underground line



Thanks for that info. I had found that documentation page, but thought it a bit unclear, probably because I was not familiar with the terms and data objects. I’ve managed to return some data through the Try It button, so I reckon I’ll be able to get what I need.
Thanks again


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