Beginner need help - Rail Fares

Hello, I am a new user of TFL, I have a project and I need to find a list of fares from TFL from all stations and journeys in the UK, then how do I get all this data? i use python. Need your help, thankyou.


Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I notice you haven’t had any replies yet. I think you need to be much more specific about what sort of help you need. There are literally dozens of areas where it’s possible to get stuck and no one’s going to try and guess what it is that you need to know.

My advice would be to search for ‘fares’ on this forum and find some threads. Try and reproduce some of the work that’s been discussed and, if you get stuck, then explain the problem you have and see what happens.

Good Luck

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The fares for rail can be got from the OLJP from NRE.

The WSDL file for it is


Be warned: UK Rail pricing is the single most complicated system ever devised.

Within London use the single-fare-finder Single fare finder - Transport for London but even this fails to supply fare caps

The API version of the single fare finder is part of the journey planner

Hi. Just to add to the above:
More granular rail fares data is available from the following sources: