Bug in journey planner

Hello, found a bug in journey planner.
Simply tried from postcode to postcode, change time, then get error:
We found more than one location matching ‘ChIJo6NNZQUbdkgRkwcmj0kFAqQ’
Without changing time, error doesnt happened.

I have screenshot, but this form has no way to attach it

You can sceenshot using Windows Alt-PrintScrn followed by ctrl+V

Hi @lewisevans3001

Thanks for reporting this.

Are you still able to replicate this issue? I’ve tried on a couple of machines here and can’t seem to get that error.

Otherwise, you should be able to drag and drop a screenshot image into the text box when replying. If not let me know and I’ll send you a mailbox you can send it to.


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