Bus Route 14 Schedule Mismatch

Having cross checked the scheduling data for bus route 14. I have picked up some discrepancies for journeys towards Russell Square.

I was wondering if anyone could advise or has seen this issue also?


hi @Antonio_Ito_World - did you have any examples of the discrepancies? Are you comparing the TxC to the working timetables?

Many thanks,

Hi @jamesevans ,

I will provide some examples shortly. But yes, it is the TxC that I am comparing with the working timetables.

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@Antonio_Ito_World @jamesevans
The 14 had new schedules from 2nd January but the working timetables did not get uploaded until 7th. So last week the WTT would have been showing the temporary widened “Winter Wonderland” times while the TxC would have been showing the new unwidened times.

That may have nothing to do with what you are observing but if new Mon-Fri WTTs are not available until the following Sunday (and there really s no reason why they shouldn’t be available on the preceding Sunday) it is inevitable that they will sometimes be out of sync.

That is actually extremely helpful to know, ill use that with my ongoing investigation.

Much appreciated