Bus route 65 'not found' in arrivals & stop lists (confirmed on TfL site). Any others affected?

At time of writing

{“$type”:“Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.ApiError, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities”,“timestampUtc”:“2019-05-06T15:29:29.5273206Z”,“exceptionType”:“EntityNotFoundException”,“httpStatusCode”:404,“httpStatus”:“NotFound”,“relativeUri”:“/line/65/arrivals”,“message”:“The following line id is not recognised: 65”}

On the TfL site is shows “technical problem” (which normally masks an error 500, I think)

The route timetable is similarly unavailable.

It is also absent from stops it definitely serves:

Stops only served by 65 give a “Loading Information Failed” error when you click stop letter:

Strangely Journey Planner still sees the route and uses it in responses.

Of course this may all be resolved quickly, but I wondered if anyone had spotted it with other routes? It seems surprising if I’ve stumbled upon a one-off issue. Non-availability of live data is excusable, but anything which indicates the route does not exist or is not running is more concerning.

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Thanks Dreq. We have identified the issue in our source data and will try and get this fixed this week.



I’ve seen this as a line deleted in error in the 3/5/19 update. Also affects routes 71, K3 and N65