Bus routes in Kingston incorrectly shown as terminating at Kingston Hospital


Quite a few Kingston area routes are incorrectly showing their destination as ‘Kingston Hospital’

Route K1

1,“59124”,“490008821W”,“K1”,“K1”,“Kingston Hosp”,“Kingston Hospital”,“YX20OLN”,1689895676000

Route 57

1,“77465”,“490005234S”,“57”,“57”,“Kingston Hosp”,“Kingston Hospital”,“SN18XZU”,1689896085000

Route 213

1,“49256”,“4900018701W”,“213”,“213”,“Kingston Hosp”,“Kingston Hospital”,“LX09BXJ”,1689897614000

Route 285

1,“73001”,“490013174E”,“N285”,“285”,“Kingston Hosp”,“Kingston Hospital”,“SK20BFU”,1689897222000

Here’s TfL’s website showing the problem too…


(There might be more, this is all I can remember off the top of my head)



@jamesevans can you ask someone to take a look at this please as it’s still on-going. Thanks.

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Hi Simon, thank you for reporting this issue. Just to let you know that we are investigating this.

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@SJCooper - I’ve raised this with my colleagues who look after iBus/Countdown. I’ll let you know when I have more.


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