Bus spider maps and schedules

The bus maps and schedule PDFs are stored in this open data bucket, with the modified dates shown. This should be easier to access than spidering the web front end?



Well there’s something that I did not know existed!.I can see a long list of files, including performance reports, route geometry and some schedules but I can’t actually see spider maps. Presumably there is some way of getting beyond the first tranche of files shown.

My mistake - the bus spider maps are not stored there, but in http://content.tfl.gov.uk/bus-route-maps/ which is not browsable.

I’ll see if we can either make that folder browsable (effectively, releasing the maps as open data) or have the spider maps also published to the http://bus.data.tfl.gov.uk/ bucket.


Tim - Thanks again.

The question posed in the last sentence of my previous post still has some point to it though. The last bus schedule that I can see on the link is for route 14U or something like that, so I’m still not clear how to get to (say) my local 298 route.

I do still think that some more thought needs to be given to the naming convention for spider maps.

Oh I see what you mean - there’s a bug in the UI we’re using. The file is there, so if you can figure out how to construct the URL you can still get to it e.g. http://bus.data.tfl.gov.uk/schedules/Schedule_298-Sa.pdf

I’ll raise the issue with the bucket UI with our Service Desk. SVC-3882

Thanks yet again, Tim.

The schedule files can be got readily enough through the front end that has been provided. It’s more a question of whether you can see a clue that a file you have previously downloaded is no longer up-to-date. In the case of the schedules, the listing makes it pretty cleer that the majority of files are recreated every week so unless the file size is different to the nearest Kb it would not help!

It would however help with spider maps, which I do not think are recreated regularly. Also with the Datastore mass bus timetable download perhaps; you have to download over 100Mb to find out whether you actually needed to!

I see that the spider maps have been added to the data bucket, for which many thanks.

I presume that SVC 3882 relates directly to the issue that you can only see a page’s worth (or perhaps too small a number of files) and I look forward to that being resolved.

Unfortunately, either there is a limit on the number of directories and files shown, or only those up to C have been loaded. I have also tried accessing the directory (http://bus.data.tfl.gov.uk/bus-route-maps) but this returns a 404 error.

@Busspotter yes we’ve noticed a bug in the third-party framework we use to put a browsable UI on top of our Amazon S3 buckets. We’re trying to address this in ticket SVC-3882. @jamesevans do you have any updates?

Any progress on SVC 3882 since July? It doesn’t seem on the face of it as if it would be a major task to make all files in the bucket visible, not just a small fraction of them.

Again, any progress yet?

Looks like it’s been fixed - I can now see the whole lot in my browser (Firefox), marked as modified on 9 Feb 2018, followed by a whole ot of stuff relating to quarterly data

Apologies @mjcarchive @nickp

We delivered this enhancement in early January but we didn’t update here.

Let us know if there’s any further issues.



Thanks, that’s great - and I thought that TfL only kept quiet about cuts, not improvements!