Bus stop KF - N20

A commuter has report a discrepancy for Bus stop KF.

The API only shows N20 when busses a number of buses (88,134,214) also stop here.They are shown at the previous and next stops.

Can someone please look into this.

I believe that stop is closed so the error is showing the N20 stopping there.

Commuter is still get onto buses from there. I’m not sure

Hi @neelamk

The schedules for these routes were provided in November by the operators without this stop as it should be closed for building work until some point in 2024.

We’re awaiting a new schedule for the N20 to process with this stop removed.

It’s possible that the drivers are still stopping there while the stop is not physically removed, but this appears to be against the scheduling.

I have checked the Countdown system (source data for bus arrivals) and no predictions are showing for any route at that stop. This indicates that the stop has been removed at all levels.