Bus stopPoint not naptanId

I’m trying to get live arrivals for buses and using

  • StopPoint/490G000808/arrivals returns nothing
    I got this stoppoint id from the below request
  • StopPoint/Search/turnpike lane

but when I try

  • /StopPoint/490G000808
    I get a “naptanIdReference”: “490013852T”, which when I use in the next query

  • /StopPoint/490013852T/arrivals
    or any of the other naptanIdReference ids i get arrivals

Is there a way I can get the naptanId for common names?

Welcome @mm326

I sometimes the best way to get an naptan ID from tfl is to use Google with

site:tfl.gov.uk turnpike lane

OK, pick something and the URL will have the naptan in it.

This is useful for testing. I think you might need to look at the returned data you have as there are usually all of attached stops in the dataset.

I’m trying to do this in a Java based application so i’d like to use the API directly rather than a google search

I wasn’t sure. And so you have tried https://api.tfl.gov.uk/Search?query=490G000808 ?