Bus WTTs - an annoying little misdescription

While this is fairly trivial it has been visible in the bus WTTs for some time so I thought I would raise it.

In the W19 timetables, e g

we see AW GR T misdescribed as Argall Avenue Bus Garage. Argall Avenue is the terminus of the route, not a bus garage. As the last column indicates, the garage for the route is on Walthamstow Avenue a couple of miles away near the Crooked Billet junction.

In the W11 timetables, e g

AW GR T crops up twice, again misdescribed. In one of the occurrences the last column describes it correctly while the other repeats the misdescription. The W11 does not go anywhere near Argall Avenue.

I would imagine that the error is there for all routes operated from Walthamstow Avenue garage.