Cheapest Journey feature

Hey all ,hope is well its been a while, I’ve been thinking about adding a option , where users could discover the cheapest fare between 2 points I’ve roughly thought of two approaches ones involving buses and one avoiding zone 1.

Just wondering if this is something worth doing, if its possible, and if there are better approaches



I note that Google Maps Android App has this feature

Not that seems to work that well…

So, buses aren’t the cheapest option if you have to also use another form of transport as well . The daily bus cap £5.25 or weekly of £24.70 can be useful overall but it’s hard to say that buses are ALWAYS the cheapest.

As per the list above, Stratford to Tottenham Hale on Greater is only 15p more than a single bus fare and takes 10 minutes if you get the direct train.

And yes, if you use C2C, Greater Anglia or Southern trains between two tube stops (say Limehouse to Upminster) you are charged tube fares, even though the trip is much quicker. (19 mins train vs 56 minutes tube).