Chesham next train is always around 4 minutes away

Hello everyone

To get a list of arrivals for Chesham I’m using the “/line/metropolitan/arrivals/940GZZLUCSM” api endpoint.

This brings back a list of arrivals, but the ‘next train’ to arrive is always around 4+ minutes away.

If you look at live arrivals on TFL website for Chesham you’ll see the same thing. Arrivals never get any closer than 4 minutes away.

I would use trackernet for this instead, but Chesham doesn’t have any results there at all.


I don’t think Chesham station is signalled, which would mean that nothing is controlling or monitoring the departure of the train except the driver.

If that’s correct then it’s not surprising that the API doesn’t predict it.

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Hi @richardhawthorn

Signalling upgrade at Chesham is due to go live end of 2025, this will provide us with accurate live departures for the station, and we are planning to integrate these into digital touchpoints like TfL Go.

We’re not really able to do anything about it until we have the signal upgrade

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Hi @jwithers, thanks for the update!