Contactless - Apple Pay virtual cards

I’ve had persistent problems with getting my Virgin Atlantic credit card recognised on the Contactless account page. It’s fine if I want to use the physical card - all journeys and payments are listed, no issues. If I try to use Apple Pay for that card (either on my watch or phone), the barriers open and the payments are taken correctly, but they are never listed. If I ever have a dispute (eg card clash), the call centre have no clue.

My other card, from Starling, works fine - it shows up as multiple virtual cards.

I’ve tried the dance of removing, adding, usng the physical card first and so on. Tech team escalations seem not to resolve anything. I’ve has the card re-issued by the bank and and re-registered with TfL but still no joy. Any ideas? Is the system only compatible with certain banks?

hi @ywu,

Apologies, we can’t assist with ticketing issues on this forum as it is for Open Data.

I would suggest speaking to the Contact Centre and escalating the issue if you haven’t got the response you require.

Many thanks,