Countdown API - route 394 issue with Willesden Junction

Hi there - I’ve noticed a data issue with the countdown API, specifically for buses on route 394 towards Homerton Hospital.

When I query for bus E8NJB (which is currently running on 394 towards Homerton Hospital, I get the following line item in the return (my field list is: ReturnList=RegistrationNumber,StopCode1,StopCode2,Latitude,Longitude,EstimatedTime,ExpireTime,StopPointName,StopPointIndicator,DirectionID,LineName,DestinationText,Towards,StopPointType,Bearing,MessageUUID,MessageType,MessagePriority,MessageText,StartTime,ExpireTime):

[1,"Willesden Junction",null,null,null,null,0,null,51.533226,-0.248341,"394",2,"Homerton Hosp","E8NJB",1690374410000,1690374440000]

Not sure why nulls are coming back in this way for Willesden Junction.

Hi @Mulder
Willesden Junction is not on the 394 route, so this looks like a data config error. Those nulls appear to be the StopCodes & location of the incorrect stop.

I’ll raise this with the team who look after Countdown/iBus