Countdown data for routes operated by RAPTDev


For routes operated by RAPTDev (London United & London Sovereign but not Quality Line as far as I can tell) there seems to be a MAJOR issue with the predicted arrival times.

As I type:

SP40130 (YT59PBY) on route 281 is shown as due to leave Hounslow Bus Station at 17:09 and will reach Tolworth by 17:30.

DE20131 (LJ16EXN) currently at New Malden The Fountain at 17:00 and will reach Putney Bridge Station at 17:14.

LT171 (LTZ1171) Due to leave Hammersmith at 17:06 and reach Kings Cross by 17:31

VH45103 (BD13OHW) Due to leave Golders Green at 17:03 and reach Lancaster Place / Somerset House by 17:28.




Reported the same issue with H22, owned by London United. Showing Richmond Bus station to hospital Bridge Road as 4mins, when it’s a 15-20 min journey outside of rush hour.


Any update on this TfL team?